Defcon provides professional, high quality,
guarantee and friendly control service to the
Capital District and surrounding areas.

Defcon Pest Control is not a national
franchise, we are locally owned, family
company that strives to make customers
happy.  Many of the large companies today
tend to forget the old fashion way of doing
business, we still uphold those values
today.  We offer simple solutions,
knowledgeable staff, technicians that are
punctual and look and act professional.  
Most importantly Defcon delivers what it

We provide solutions for every pest control
need in your home. Whether it’s ants, bed
bugs, bees, mice, spiders, termites or any
other pest, we'll take care of it!

Defcon offers a variety of options when it
comes to pest control.  We do not require a
contract for residential services so you may
cancel at anytime.  We always offer the plan
that would best fit your needs and tailor it as
time goes on.  This may include seasonal,
monthly, bi-monthly or even one times
services.  Contact us at 518-326-1026 or
email info@defconpestcontrol.com
Residential Pest Control Services
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