We use one of the industry's
leading termite products, The
Advance Termite Bait System.  
This system provides many
benefits including:
  • An aggressive approach
    that eliminates the entire
    termite colony.

  • Non-Invasive installations to
    the homes landscape or yard

  • A sound environmental
    approach that uses no liquid
    chemicals in or around the

  • Visible termite control which
    both our technicians and the
    homeowner can see

  • Long-term protection in and
    around your home while
    remaining unaffected by
    rain, sun, or other factors.
Check out this video to
learn more
about the Advance Termite
Bait System
Call us today to do a free inspection, we will look for
active and inactive termite activity and if found
then recommend a treatment plan using the
Advance Termite Bait System.  

Give us a call at 518-326-1026 or email
info@defconpestcontrol.com for more information.
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